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Annie's Macaroni and Cheese

Packaging Redesign

GRC 337: Consumer Packaging

The Problem

Annie’s boxed mac and cheese has difficult to open packaging– it is both challenging for those who have full range of mobility of their hands and even harder for those who do not. Notable issues with the user experience include: the perforated push tab does not work and the opening flaps are too strongly glued to rip the box open with ease.

Our Solution: create an easily openable package for ALL to enjoy boxed macaroni a and cheese. Key features include an improved perforated pull tab on top and slider opening to create a pour spout.

Design Process

  1. Research target users

  2. Create dieline

  3. Add rebranded artwork to dieline

  4. Print, assemble, and iterate packaging design

My Role

I led the team's target user research by facilitating the discussion and creation of user personas. I created the first iteration for our dieline, and worked alongside my group members to make edits along the design process. I created the final artwork for the rebrand, my goal was to have a simpler color palette and a modern aesthetically pleasing design.


Winter 2023

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